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At CRUX Consulting, we envision...a big world of small towns. Home towns whose strength and simplicity create deep memories which will draw our children home with big world opportunities at a small-town pace. Whether it’s easing to your 1:45pm barber appointment just off the square after chatting over panni at a street side café or walking your children home from school on wide sidewalks aside blossom-divided boulevards. Small towns cultivate good health.

However, today... it’s difficult to find a small town whose revitalization budgets have not been ravaged. Infrastructure fixes are substituted with infrastructure patches as vital budget line items are impacted by ever-increasing benefit premiums and the resulting ever-challenged bottom line. Corporate productivity declines, wage stagnation, and the ensuing decrease in global competitiveness impact the tax base, the economic development and therefore the vitality of communities.

What if... health care, as well as other benefits, could continue to be a significant contributor of jobs in a small town without absorbing a town’s resources in its footprint?  What if health care was a free market system that synergistically existed to serve the patient's health, the corporation's health and the community's health?

Is there a way... to encourage a sustainable health market that is influenced by the individual’s consumption, supported by the corporation’s buying, and facilitated by the community’s infrastructure?  Could we simply re-position, re-purpose, and re-prioritize existing market components to see future market healing?  Is the benefits’ trend too strong to bend? Is there even another way of looking at the same system that would intrinsically encourage a win6 wellbeing for all stakeholders and allow high performance networks to organically emerge?

We believe there is ... Let's talk.


Coordinating healthcare is more than coordinating appointments.  It’s coordinating all aspects of health into a manageable mindset that is shared between all stakeholders.  A systems approach toward sharing the responsibility of infrastructure, health education, systems implementation and care facilitation allows us to harness the unity in community.

The CRUX Community mindset deliberately moves in the awareness of its cultural responsibility to provide the infrastructure conducive for children’s education and safety, personal and family growth, and economic development for local businesses to compete (locally and globally).

Vibrant communities sustain growth by attaining new young families and retaining their own graduates (preventing “Brain Drain”) in order to maintain an environment that is young and young at heart.  Attracting these foundational elements will leave a legacy of growth towards a quality of life that is simple, substantial, meaningful, and healthy for every stakeholder.

The CRUX Corporate mindset deliberately moves in the awareness of its pivotal responsibility to organize and encourage the engagement of citizens in meaningful work. Producing innovative products with sustainable profits maintains a corporation’s viability in global and local markets as well as contributing to a community's healthful quality of life.

Compassionate upper management balances the development of mechanisms that promote a well-run business and makes available mechanisms that promote a well-run life. Cultural mechanisms at work develop the corporation which is the foundation of a community, and cultural mechanisms at home develop the family which is the foundation of a society. The continuity of mindset of the employee between job and home simplifies life, decreases life stresses while still allowing for personal choice and work-life balance.

The CRUX Citizen's mindset deliberately moves in the awareness that maintaining one’s own health improves one’s quality of life, but also has a societal impact. Maintaining our own health allows us to do more for ourselves and to give more to others.

“Healthy” includes the balanced and autonomous engagement towards physical, financial, emotional, and societal mastery, so as to make meaningfully productive contributions to their families, schools, businesses, industries, and community. Local quality of life is made up of engaged, productive citizens who understand and promote positive community attributes.

The CRUX Concierge mindset deliberately moves in the awareness that the ever-increasing adversarial chasm between patient and physician can be bridged. Distrust by both participants has pre-loaded the appointment with tension, creating a difficult and sometimes toxic environment for optimum health to be achieved.

By implementing mechanisms which facilitate the understanding of physician stresses (continuing education, skill development, time constraints, overhead, business and market competition) and patient stresses (time off from school or work, care-giving, travel, job, chronic health conditions), these stresses can be mitigated to produce an environment that is pre-disposed for health rather than pre-loaded for confrontation. When compliant patients meet high-performance physician networks, health is a glide path, not a road less traveled.


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