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CRUX Gold Standard Wellness

In the United States, as in other industrialized countries, health problems tend to be termed as multi-causal and multi-factorial.  Rarely is any health problem from one cause, but an accumulation of small integrated dysfunctions in each of the five foundations. Foundations are the core elements that your body requires for holistic/whole body health.  Each foundation has an industry Gold Standard test that all healthcare professionals recognize as the most accurate assessment of that foundation.  CRUX Gold Standard Wellness is designed using healthcare’s researched Industry Gold Standard tests to:

  • Baseline: Pre-test the current state of your foundations prior to care
  • Address: Target your foundations according to your goals during care
  • Compare: Post-test the changes in your foundations following care
  • Report: Communicate the changes in your foundations to your health care team

What are the five foundations?


Neurologists, Scientists, Researchers, Nobel winning physiologists and their research overwhelmingly agree that the primary purpose of the brain and body is motion. The Vestibular System (Balance System) is what allows you to stand and move.

However, there is more to movement than just moving bones/ligaments and muscle/tendons. The relative positions of these to one another (posture) must be properly aligned to allow comfortable movement.

Understanding not only the role of movement’s isolated function, but its integration with other foundations is critical.


There is a difference between what is edible, what is digestible and what is actually nutritional. But more than just the foods we eat (solids), but also the fluids we drink (liquids) and the air we breathe (gases) are utilized in our bodies to rebuild our tissues. A significant contributor to our health concerns today are the foods which we eat.

However, there is more to nutrition that just what we put into our mouths. We assume that if we put good food in our bodies, our bodies it will automatically absorb the nutrients maximally. However, if the digestive tract’s function is compromised, we should not be surprised to be nutrient deficient requiring constant supplements.

Understanding not only the role of nutrition’s isolated function, but its integration with other foundations is critical.


New York was once known as the city that never sleeps. Now in addition to cities small towns, with modern production facilities that bring vitality to small economies, never sleep either.

Sleep is when our brains rebuild(glymphatic), resynch(entrainment), and remember(consolidation). A good night’s sleep is critical to how we feel and function during the next day. Shift work is not only a formal job but is defined as any disruption for 3+ hours to a full night’s sleep. So, this also includes our parents of young children, those who live and operate in our world-wide economy spanning multiple time-zones (social jetlag). Sleep deprivation is rampant, and its effects impact our relationships, our safety on the highways (drowsy driving) and our effectiveness at work (presenteeism).

Understanding not only the role of sleep’s isolated function, but its integration with other foundations is critical.

Stress Management

The term “Stress” is technically any stimulus to the body, positive or negative, however we generally use it in reference to “bad” stress.  So, can we have too much “good” stress just like too much “bad” stress?

The Best-Case Scenario for stress is not to “not have bad stress” but be able to “handle bad stressors” quickly and return to normalcy. Learning productive perspectives on stress allows us to anticipate, identify and adapt to stressors appropriately. This prevents us from dwelling on them which produces constant fatigue.

Understanding not only the role of stress management’s isolated function, but its integration with other foundations is critical.

Optimally Functioning Body

We tend to look outside the body as to what activities may be causing our health problems (Lifestyle Choices).  However, there can be problems inside our bodies that are limiting our movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress (Lifestyle Choice Mimicking).  Left-overs from past traumas can leave your body compromised with problems you have either “just gotten used to” or “learned to deal with”. Sometimes what you have “gotten used to” may feel “normal” to you, but it is not “normal” to your body.

Your body is like a house/structure sitting on a foundation.  Foundations are made up of many elements (gravel, sand, cement, water etc.).  If any element is missing or compromised, then the foundation cracks and shifts over time.  Gradually your house/structure begins to “settle.”  Foundational-cracks are there years before the structural-cracks show up in the walls, doors and floors.  You can patch the wall/doors/floors, however the foundation continues to shift and the walls/doors/floors will crack again.  As the settling continues and the walls/doors/floors continue to crack, the cracks last longer, are more difficult to patch, and the patch helps for less time.

There are foundations to how your body functions.  The foundations of health are what your body/structure depends on to be sturdy, resilient and not shift.

  • Do you find your health consistently challenged with aggravations that “just won’t go away”?
  • Do all your tests keep coming back “normal” but you still hurt?
  • Are your tests showing positives, but the solutions are only giving temporary improvements?

Perhaps the tests are looking at the walls/doors/floors, but the problem is in the foundation.

Understanding not only the role of your foundation’s isolated functions, but its integration with your structure to produce your health is critical.

CRUX Gold Standard Wellness treats, teaches and guides you through re-establishing the foundations of your health so you can be resilient against your health challenges.  By using the researched Industry-Gold-Standards recognized and accepted by healthcare, your health foundations can be assessed prior to treatment and after treatment to show you difference that you can show others!  What you learn during this process will “feed you for a lifetime.” 

How does your health measure up to the Industry Gold Standards?


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